Gaugemaster/Metcalfe Castle

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Gaugemaster/Metcalfe Castle


Post by Brian »

I see from an email received today from Gaugemaster, they are about to sell Metcalfe Castle kits.... Walls, buildings etc.
But the Metcalfe web site doesn't currently show any of these items! Wondering if they are a special for Gaugemaster only? ... lfe+Castle
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Re: Gaugemaster/Metcalfe Castle


Post by Walkingthedog »

Rails are also advertising the castle Brian.

Edit: in fact so are several other retailers including Kernows.
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Re: Gaugemaster/Metcalfe Castle


Post by Hound Dog »

So delighted to see Metcalfe release this castle as I had in mind a castle / city gate type of effect at the end of my roadbridge before the road goes off the layout........ this will provide the ideal scenery cover, although I expect much adaption will be necessary........ one for 2021 I think, but certainly more plausible with the release of this kit.
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