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my wish list for the expected app based control would be this... as its unreleased it may have some of these features.

For the train controller :-
  • to be aware of other use cases for a train controller (ie a multi-sectional railway with isolating switches, currently it thinks it will be used in closed loop style hornby trainsets)
  • a display of Volts output and Amps drawn for each 'Circuit
  • access to the controller via an alternative UI or an API, to allow more custom operation
  • ability to receive DCC signals and apply those to a analogue circuit. (basically act as a decoder but output the power to the track not a specific motor)
For the accessory control :-
  • Increase the number of accessories from 8 per device, and increase the upper limit (32)
  • to allow automatic triggered control of accessories, fully programmable
  • as above, allow an alternative ui or api to access the device.
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