A More Advanced Rolling Road.

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A More Advanced Rolling Road.


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Ok, my idea is one in which would probably be out of my price range, but the idea is to make a rolling road which measures amps, voltage but also scale speed... And addition to this for it to have a lever that brings little mini brushes up to the wheels to clean them.
I realize the more gadgets on such an item of equipment, the more there is to go wrong or wear out... But the thought of measuring scale speed (After reading someone saying about the need to know due to it being useful for DCC programming) and cleaning wheels would be useful to some. I would personally not need speed to be measured but I would find wheel cleaning would be useful.
Here is a challenge though. Could such a gadget take drive from the driven wheels and use it to drive trailing wheels to clean aditional wheels? Probably asking too much due to friction.
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Re: A More Advanced Rolling Road.


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I think you could provide powered rollers to turn and clean trailing wheels...
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