S Scale Rhodesia Railways shunting layout

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S Scale Rhodesia Railways shunting layout


Post by gubulawayo » Wed Nov 06, 2019 7:16 pm

Hi All, I am after some guidance on my proposed "based on" Rhodesia Railways shunting layout please

My current idea is for a 12ft by 2ft layout with one side of the entire length being a platform - two lines run parallel to this and some points off to a carriage shed, loco shed and a siding or two - The idea is to have a loco come out the loco shed, refuel and sand, go to the caboose siding and haul it off to the far right end of the platform, then build up a consist of carriages (probably 5-8 depending on whether a local or international train is being built up) taken from the carriage shed (which will have a cassette storing 4 or 6 carriages) - Once built up, the idea is to take it apart again, send the loco back to the shed, swap it out with another and build a different train. The shed could also be used to store wagons to build up a goods train for variation. I will have attached two designs I have done so far for comments. The lower of the two looks too busy now that I look at it again

The third design does away with the carriage shed and just uses sidings. Any comments, thoughts, suggestions gratefully received.

Regards Wayne

ImageScan_20191105 (5) by Wayne, on Flickr

ImageScan_20191106 by Wayne, on Flickr

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