Class 08 Connecting rods

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Class 08 Connecting rods


Post by Forfarian » Thu Jun 13, 2019 11:27 am

Having tried all spares outlets for Hornby spares, I am assured that there are no sets of connecting rods available anywhere in the world!!!. I then decided to buy one for spares on the dreaded bay!, i bought one and when it arrived it was new as in "NIB", fitted the decoder from my damaged one and hey presto one working 08.
The damaged connecting rod on the original 08 was the link rod from the drive wheels under the cab on one side only, so with a bit of careful measuring i found that the front connecting rod is the same length as the damaged one. I undid the crank pin on the front wheel, rotated the connecting rod and fitted the back crank pin. The loco now runs smoothly minus a front connecting rod on one side, the good side driving the front wheel set. If any one asks what is the problem, the loco is on light duties awaiting spares ;)
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