GMX (CMX) Track Cleaning Vehicle

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Re: GMX (CMX) Track Cleaning Vehicle


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Latest Update:

I have just received a call back from Digitrains regarding the CMX Cleaner I returned to them for inspection.

They have confirmed that the uninsulated axle is a rare thing that they have not come across before and that it is the cause of the problems that I had.

They have also said that they are putting a new, replacement, Cleaner in the post for me. (FOC).

To me that is real service of the highest quality and standards.

So a very, very, big thank you to Digitrains for resolving this for me in the best of ways.

Thank you Digitrains :D :D :D
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Re: GMX (CMX) Track Cleaning Vehicle


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Well done Digitrains.
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Re: GMX (CMX) Track Cleaning Vehicle


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WOW, that is good service.
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