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Re: Cattle dock


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cheshire lines wrote: Mon Jan 25, 2021 11:48 am I'm not an expert, but I would have thought that having to access a cattle dock via the goods shed would have been disruptive to the general operation of the goods shed.
That is my understanding also. Every real life image of a cattle dock I have seen has it on a separate track to the goods shed. Though there might have been exceptions. I think originally on small branch lines cattle (and sheep) would have been walked to cattle dock. So you did not want a herd of cattle tramping through the goods yard.
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Re: Cattle dock


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The noise of locos and clattering wagons etc. would scare the animals to death. On a model railway you may have to compromise.
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Re: Cattle dock


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Just had a look at the issue what you have to consider is how the road traffic fit in to the issue

How often would the goods shed be used and how often would the cattle dock be used., I would put the cattle dock near the points then the goods shed with a roadway connecting them together, Live stock being moved would require stock vans to be ordered on a pre arranged day and delivered the cattle/sheep/pigs would arrive via road transport moved into the dock then put in the stock vans then collected by locomotive or in reverse live stock being delivered on the same day. Goods shed will need enough room for road traffic to reverse up to the loading platform. Goods vans passing the cattle dock which would normally be empty would not be a problem
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Re: Cattle dock


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Just as an aside. Remember goods yards were there in the horse and cart era not the motor car. Horses needed more space. Just a reminder to think when the line was actually built and the space they used.

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Re: Cattle dock


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Presume you wouldn't have wanted cattle close to other goods in real life because of issues with manure..?
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