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Re: Buildings


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Most of my buildings are fixed with small dabs of glue.
The exceptions are my two loco shed (the main one at Lostock Junction and the small industrial one in the exchange sidings)

I thought it best to have them removable to enable me to get to any locos inside that may derail or need persuasion to move if they've been standing for a while!
The main loco shed sits in small grooves in in the scenery, with a couple of panel pins inside the front corners to keep them in the right position so locos don't hit the edges as they enter.
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Re: Buildings


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My removable buildings are kept in place with small right angles of card placed outside the buildings and up against the walll. Only two right angles are needed - diagonally opposite each other. The one at the front which is visible is hidden with paint and a small amount of greenery.
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