Mimic board fixing.

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Mimic board fixing.


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Apologies if this is in the wrong section.
I have drawn and printed my mimic board, I have had it laminated at the very helpful local printers and now wish to fix it to a board before I start fitting the DPDT switches to it. Is it better fixed to a MDF board or to a plywood board? What is the best method to fix it to either of these boards?
Whichever board I use will need fixing to its fixing points before I fix the laminated sheet to it.
Help and guidance please, thank you.
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Re: Mimic board fixing.


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I used a sheet of aluminium. Glued the plan to it then covered it in perspex.
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Re: Mimic board fixing.


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The first thing I would do with either board is seal them particularly the MDF which tends to have a “dusty” surface which will take PVA but most other adhesives will have a poor bond. A coat of varnish will do or you can use PVA as a sealer.

The laminated back of your mimic diagram will not produce a bond with PVA other adhesives could be messy and without care produce a bumpy surface. Myself I would simply cover as much of the under board as possible with double sided tape and carefully lay the diagram on it before pressing down, I think you will be surprised at how good a bond you get. An additional bonus is that should the diagram need altering it should be possible to prise the old one off for replacement.

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