Around the room fixed to wall or freestanding?

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Re: Around the room fixed to wall or freestanding?


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Thanks all
Seems 2ft shelves then. I think to start with it'll either be 1 or 2 sheets of 8ft wide by 4ft deep 12mm ply about £30 each. Really need 2 sheets.
My original plan was to cut down length in middle so end up with 4x 8ft by 2ft affixed to timber frame with back affixed to the walls and then have two wider sections either side of door off set from each other to allow for loops. My concern with this though is it takes up most of the room and floor space plus not much space for modelling.

I'm now thinking an 8ft wide by 6ft deep with centre well of 2ft deep by 4ft wide effectively giving a 8ft wide by 4ft deep board at the front, at the edges (a bit less in middle), which can be reached from both sides IE 2ft from front and 2ft forward from the well with 2ft around the sides and 1ft at back for 2 straight tracks. This then gives a decent size board to "learn" on, with continuous loop and the back could even be hidden from front/screened off as trains go through an illusion tunnel and emerge from opposite side. Main operations at front and testing/shunting down the sides.

I could also use the cut out as shelve/bench to build/work on and possibly future expansion. It would also leave almost 1/2 the room free for other things.
The only issue is the window on the back wall but with the access hole I should be able to reach it.
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Re: Around the room fixed to wall or freestanding?


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I cannot reach the window without some acrobatic manoeuvres ( :lol: ) - it get cleaned regularly on the outside, and as my boards are higher than the window sill, I can reach from underneath when any condensation needs clearing. As my control desk/board is lower than the layout boards, I have an old board, which fits above the controls and gives me just about enough space build a kit or service a loco. When not in use it sits on the floor. BB
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