My thoughts on a folding baseboard

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Bandit Mick
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Re: My thoughts on a folding baseboard


Post by Bandit Mick » Sat Jun 08, 2019 4:25 pm

Don't worry - wiring across joins is not difficult even with a folding table thing.

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Re: My thoughts on a folding baseboard


Post by REB » Mon Jun 10, 2019 7:38 pm

Thanks Mick, I'll be looking into that but at the mo.....
I bought 4 Peco flexi tracks and 4 points, had my boards cut, no hinges yet but put one half on the trestles for a experiment. I found that most of my sidings from my plan fit on one board and that when I've joined them it will be better 6x4 instead of 8x3, more length to the sidings curling round. I also may be able to link one track to the station instead of all being a dead end. It won't be for running a continuous circuit but as a run round. I'll get some more flexi tomorrow.
I must say that in the end I was a bit brain dead with all the possibilities(had to have a break and take the dog out in the rain) and that's only half the board, might just do this one and see if it's satisfactory before doing the other half.
I read somewhere to use double sided tape for a temporary fix, any advice?
One other point, two tracks coming out of the station were to be linked but I think there will be so many points, about 10, on here it would be overkill. If they are not linked can I run to both sets of track from my single Beatties controller, not at the same time but via a switching system, I think I can but am I right?
Thanks for any comments.

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