"A Bachmann Sales Area Exclusive model"

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"A Bachmann Sales Area Exclusive model"


Post by IanS »

Rails have had a few of these available and have just received another. Can anyone explain the logic behind this as, with the internet, anyone from around the world can purchase them? It seems like a marketing ploy that makes no sense. Restricting who can sell the goods, but not the area they can sell to. (I'm not sure they'd be able to do that even if they wanted to!)

I can understand, just, a limited edition model but not this 'Exclusive' pattern.
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Re: "A Bachmann Sales Area Exclusive model"


Post by Mike Parkes »

The idea is that by limiting the models to geographic areas smaller model shops will benefit as the amount of big players in the market will be restricted. They are exclusive to each Sales Area, shops order through their local reps so each will be a offering a particular version.
http://news.bachmann.co.uk/2019/05/bach ... allenge-2/
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