2021 Releases

Post here items relating to Hornby. Including all their subsidiary makes.
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Re: 2021 Releases


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Atur I thought the coaches were ancient that’s why I added the comment. Never mind.........one day.
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Re: 2021 Releases


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Have ordered some 4 / 6 wheel coaches from the Hattons Genesis range in Midland Livery but I see Hornby have already got their version in store, however once again we note Hornby's obsession with the eastern region releasing LNER, NER and BR Crimson with E running numbers firstly.
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Re: 2021 Releases


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The Hattons ones look far better than Hornbys IMO. I doubt such coaches would have been teak finished and more likely painted brown by the LNER; indeed Hattons are intending to offer their LNER ones in brown.

Hornby have changed the Transport for Wales Mk4s so the catalogue is already incorrect,
There will now be two versions of each of the following types
R40185 and R40185A Open First (Accessible Toilet) (R40185A replaces R40184)
R40187 and R40187A Standard
R40189 and R40189A Standard/Kitchen (R40189A replaces R40186)
R40190 and R40190A DVT,
R40194 and R40194A Standard End

R40188 Standard (Accessible Toilet) has been cancelled

The ones offered will from two different complete 4 coach+DVT Sets, one being those without a suffix and the other those with the suffix A.
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Re: 2021 Releases


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First look video review here of Hattons 4/6 wheelers from Phil Parker at BRM

https://www.world-of-railways.co.uk/new ... egqpRqXqVn
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