wheel re- arranging.

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wheel re- arranging.


Post by tommyrob123 »

have a hornby flying scotsman 4-6-2 which does not like my peco points, new,. i have had problems with 4-6-2's before but 2-6-2's fly round and over points with no issues. is it possible to change this lovely loco to a 2-6-2 by changing the front bogie. if so how? and where could i get another bogie? or could i alter the present one?. any advice from the more experienced than me appreciated.
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Re: wheel re- arranging.


Post by Brian »

Before doing that I would check all wheels for the correct Back to Back (B2B) measurement. OO should be 14.45mm +/- 0.5mm. A special B2B gauge can be purchased from good model shops or on line. An example would be The Double O Gauge Association their Intermediate Standard one is the correct gauge for RTR OO models. http://www.doubleogauge.com/shop.htm
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Re: wheel re- arranging.


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This sort of problem is common even with 'new old stock'. It would be best to stick with the arrangement 4-6-2 as this will cause you more problems to try and create a solution. Best would be to if you felt alright send the bogie off say to me or someone similar who can fix it for you if you like as a favour to a fellow model train enthusiast
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