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A place where you can describe your model railway wished for items that are not currently available.
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neil 60
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Wish list


Post by neil 60 »

I wish that locos and rolling stock a long with other railway products were made in the UK in stead of China I feel strongly about this tell me what you think .
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Re: Wish list


Post by yelrow »

this has been discussed at length on the Hornby forum. Basically, tis the way of the world. Taint going to change, i am afraid.
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Re: Wish list


Post by Walkingthedog »

Don’t we all. Some of it is returning to the UK, Humbrol for instance. It will happen but will take time. Prices will rise but so be it.
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Re: Wish list


Post by footplate »

I agree some of the model manufacturing is slowly returning, which is great but like WTD has mentioned prices will probably go up.
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Re: Wish list


Post by RSR Engineer »

The point is, unfortunately, that Made-in-China is invariably cheaper than Made-in-UK. It's the same story here in Germany. My toolkit is only about 20% made in Germany (or EU). If everything were made in Germany, I'd not have been able to afford a lot of it (or I'd've needed to buy it on credit or whatever, and go without something else). Having said that, the Jouef 241P, at 260 quid, is also made in China, so it does depend to some degree on the makers' (or, rather, brand owners') hunger for profit.

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