3D Printing.

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3D Printing.


Post by Mountain Goat » Mon Jun 29, 2020 3:45 pm

3D printing trends are getting more and more popular and could easily leave the manufacturers behind, so why don't the manufacturers start adapting now to be ahead of this revolutionary technology?

They could:-

▪ Produce a range of chassis which are easily adapted for 3D use and would also serve as spares for RTR locos and for those of us who are scratchbuilding.

▪ They could come out with their own downloadable programs.

▪ Though I don't like this idea myself, they could come out with their own printers which work from their own downloadable programs.

▪ They could sell a range of paints and transfers.

▪ They could also sell wheels, motors and gears as well as pickups which are designed to be easy to use for those who want to make their chassis.

▪ Provide the materials for the printers to use, and maybe even pre-coloured materials?

While manufacturers maybe reserved about doing this, it may actually save them to be ahead of such trends rather then be behind. Being ahead ready to catch the crest of the wave and they could go far!
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