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Thought this may help you to imagine the size of the scales. N gauge is 2mm to the foot (12inches) OO gauge is 4mm to ft. And O gauge is 7mm to ft. What is your friends layout. As you have seen that you can judge the diferent scales by looking at his layout to fire your imagination Christine. There is loads of N gauge available in british outline and it is getting better by the year. My first layout was N gauge and that was back in 1974. OO gauge is bigger than N and more detailed.
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Re: Hello from Gloucester


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christinearlum wrote: Sat Apr 02, 2022 10:13 pm Hello everyone,

I am a complete newbie to this. My neighbour has a set in his attic which is very big and impressive. He's suggested I start my own set and we have a spare room which I will use. I'm in the UK so it's size N scale, I didn't realise there was more than one.

Hope to lean some stuff from this forum. Happy to make new friends too.

Christine x
Hello Christine,

Nice to find you here!

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Hello. Welcome.
Enjoying freelance modelling in 7mm narrow gauge Feel free to ask questions relating to the Mountain Goats Waggon & Carriage Works thread.
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