Hi from Turkey

Just joined, say 'Hello' in here
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Re: Hi from Turkey


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Foruma hoş geldiniz. (Google Çeviri harikalar yaratır, ancak belirli teknik terimler biraz daha zor olabilir.)

In English for the rest of us!
Welcome to the forum. (Google Translate does wonders although specific technical terms may prove a little more difficult.)

The forum is friendly and advice is plentiful.
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Re: Hi from Turkey


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Welcome. I once had a friend who moved to Turkey when he was about 12 or 13. His family moved there because they went on holiday there a few times, and they loved it soo much that they decided to live there.
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Re: Hi from Turkey


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Yes, that is true. Many citizens of UK live in Turkey because they love. Maybe we can arrange a railway modellers meeting in my country... By the way there are many model train funs here. i am sure they want to meet other modellers from abroad...
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Re: Hi from Turkey


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Welcome to the forum! The 8F is one of my favourite locos. I used to have a Hornby weathered version, which I had to sell when I fell on hard times. I have always regretted that!
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