Zoom Model Railway Talks

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Zoom Model Railway Talks


Post by xyzrus » Thu Oct 15, 2020 7:53 pm

With the pandemic still with us and a stay at home culture that seems to be effecting the way we work and spend our leisure time I have started a Zoom talk which is already on some of the other model railway forums. It takes place at 11am on most Saturdays, 11am being a good time for our overseas modellers to also join in the discussion. Each week a different topic is discussed unless a topic deserves continued discussion the following week. Would be best if members had a device such as an Ipad, Surface Pro or any other device that’s portable so they can show projects that they can’t bring to the computer or they can share images on their screen. You don’t need to download Zoom to join the meeting, just click on the link. The topic and link is usually posted on a Friday and I will invite you in when the meeting starts. Meetings last for 40 minutes and there will be two meetings 11am-11.40 & 11.50-12.30 . This allows time for a tea break between the two meetings. Meetings are recorded and a link to the recordings are made available on the forums. The videos on youtube are unlisted and only available through the forums. If I receive enough interest on this forum I will post a link to this Saturday’s Zoom talk that is part 2 of a talk on 3D printing. Click on the link below for part 1.



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Re: Zoom Model Railway Talks


Post by footplate » Wed Oct 21, 2020 2:16 pm

Thanks for the part 1 link, I hope you get plenty of interest. ;)

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