Aldi offers 29th October 2020

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Aldi offers 29th October 2020


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Aldi have a number of DIY items on sale on Thursday also available online which might be of interest to some modellers.

Firstly, anyone looking for a cheap multi-tool they have one on offer for £19.99 and although down on power compared to the likes of Fein, Makita etc. It will cope with 9mm plywood and softwood easily. Harking back to the cutting square holes in baseboards this type of tool is excellent for that. Does not seem a bad spec either with a quick release and magnetic blade holder ... 4390872900

Secondly, they are selling some small plier sets for £7.99 consisting of five pliers either with or without cutters. Cannot say how robust they are but then at the price you cannot expect too much but how robust do you need for modelling? ... 7419963300

And ... 7429745101

Just be aware they seem to have their Set A & Set B illustrations mixed up with their headings.

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