Metcalfe card N

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Re: Plate layers ready to plant!


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With the shack done I thought I’d play with the plate layers hut. The streaking was done at the same time I did the edges with the same mix(es) being used on all black areas of all models at the same time. (64 & Matt black)

So it was already pretty much done.I touched in some area again (it made a difference on the pva fill for sure, so I may go back over the brickwork again, to see if it hides the line a bit.) extra streaking with smoke and a fine brush (0)

I thought I’d have a go at making some greenery, some time ago I bought tasma climbing vines with flowers. I also have a box of odd foliage/dust gravel that I collected over the years, some still new and sealed......
I think I overdid it. Or I certainly got carried away.

I used the vine set for yellow and red flowers, light green foliage and dark green underbrush for shrubbiness sprinkled with some forest green accent to fill in the shadow bits. All woodland scenics apart from the vines.
These are stuck to the building with pva.
I finished this in a couple of hours yesterday after the other work was done. So all in all, I had a great day modelling. I took two pictures this morning in better light. Those I took yesterday (21:30) were not so well lit.

A few areas may need an extra dab.
But for now I guess, these are finished.

Steps, timber and roof details on the signal boxes is all that remains. You certainly get value for money!
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This morning.
This morning.
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Last night
Last night
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Re: Metcalfe card N


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I've several and agree that they are very good. I have two small engine sheds, a farm house and a barn. I have a large barn yet to assemble.



Although that does remind me that I was going to touch the card edges up with dark paint at some point. Should've done them during the build but you know how it is when you get carried away..

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