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Re: Rotary tools

Posted: Sun Oct 07, 2018 8:34 pm
by Mountain Goat
I thought it was someone on here that mentioned it! :lol:
Is mine different as I've used mine for years and had no issues at all. I actually have a second one which I've never used as a back up as I'd bought one for the sander and when I inherited the drill it had one, so one has never had a plug fitted to it. The ones I have date from around the mid to late 1980's, possibly very early 1990's at the latest.
I did open the one I use up once as I fitted an extra socket to it as the plug part of my minidrill started to play up. (I still use the original plug and socket for the sander). I dont remember what was inside as it was over ten years ago. I believe most of it was the transformer with its coils.
Also, at the moment I am using my Minicraft transformer for powering my 12v Unimat 1 lathe as the modern electrical "Transformer" which doesn't use the traditional wire wound transformer but uses small electrical components instead... It stopped working a couple of weeks after I bought the lathe. I didn't want to send the thing back to the factory as I had work for the lathe to do! Hence I put a different plug on it to run it with the Minicraft transformer instead.
One of my brothers is going to have a look at the Unimat box of tricks. I'm fortunate he knows the ins and outs of the electrical side due to his past profefession (Though most of his work was with much larger electrical things).