Air Brush

Suggest or recommend suitable tools for use in constructing your model railway.
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Nine Elms
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Air Brush


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Can anyone recommend an Air brush and are they worth having? I have a compressor that would do the job.

Any help gratefully received.

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Steve M
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Re: Air Brush


Post by Steve M »

I use one all the time but they do require some practice.
As for which one, that depends on what you want to use it for as some will be better suited to tasks like track weathering, others to repainting models and others for finer weathering.
I have the Neo by Iwata, not expensive and a good all rounder as different size needles and nozzles are available. I also have a couple of really cheap Chinese knockoffs from eBay that work well for track weathering.
Thinking about moving up to something from Harder and Steenbeck but that will take many pennies. :D
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Re: Air Brush


Post by platelayer »

I have this Harder & Steenbeck, it has PTFE seals inside so you can spray enamels through it without damage to the gun. Very happy with it, they are around £150 the v2 is the latest version.

( taken from manufacturers website)

Evolution Silverline – the universal genius
The Evolution Silverline combines all the advantages of the Evolution with a slim silver design, solvent-resistant middle section and innovative paint volume control. Thanks to the complete metal design, paints containing solvents can also be used without any difficulties. Paint volume control enables individual adjustment of the lever mechanism, thus facilitating particularly fine work. The Evolution Silverline series is available in the solo, Two in One and air volume control (fPc) versions with a fPc valve, or as a combined suction/flow system.

Evolution Silverline Two in One
Item no.: 126003
nozzle sets 0.2 mm & 0.4 mm
color cups 2 ml & 5 ml
paint volume control
PTFE seals
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