Swan Moreton Blades and handles.

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Swan Moreton Blades and handles.


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Does anyone have experience of the heavier handles that take S-M blades for cutting 2mm card for ScaleScenes models?

I have the usual No3 and No4 handles but find that after a while pressing down with my finger on the handle shaft is an arthritic pain !

I have used disposable trade scalpels that have a finger pad which I find more comfortable. The disadvantage of these knives are they have a thicker blade and tend not to last too long before they are blunt. Although by the time I am about 1.5mm in, I find that a no3 or 4 blade cuts the rest of the way more easily because of the width of the previous blade.

Xacto (or modern equivalent) blades are too thick and the handles do not hold a thiner blade too well.

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