Dapol 'O' A1X Terrier

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Dapol 'O' A1X Terrier


Post by cadman » Tue Sep 24, 2019 10:33 pm

Fitted a Soundtrax Econami sound decoder and speaker. Much soldering needed was, for me, quite challenging. Had to join decoder wires to 8 pin plug then 3 wires needed re-soldering to the plug. Also 8 to 21 pin adapter required. Firebox flicker circuit board already fitted.
One assumes O gauge to be much more expensive than OO but this outfit cost :- new Dapol Terrier - £149, Econami sound decoder - £76, cube speaker - £9, adapter £3. total only £237. You can pay more than that today for a sound fitted OO loco.
Most importantly this loco/decoder combo works perfectly. Just need to buy a box load of track. :roll:
Dapol Terrier decoder fitting.JPG
Dapol Terrier decoder fitting.JPG (260.96 KiB) Viewed 1331 times

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