Replacing Hornby wheels?

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Replacing Hornby wheels?


Post by davidrivett »

Hi all,

Been running my original Hornby class 90 number 90028 in Mainline livery that was part of freight train set in the early 1990's but have noticed on some Peco points the wheel flanges are too big so get caught or jump over.

can you replace all wheels both dummy and motorised bogies, and if so can you advise part codes or places to buy?

thanks in advance

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Re: Replacing Hornby wheels?


Post by Forfarian »

Iv'e never done this, but if the spares are available Peters spares will probably have them
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Re: Replacing Hornby wheels?


Post by RAF96 »

I modified my old ring-field motored 90 to add more pickups and to get rid of the traction tyres by using newer model dummy bogie pickups and also dummy bogie wheels with all metal tyres and gears so were almost a straight swap.

Rather than list all the bits, etc please see here
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