Wheel lubricant

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Wheel lubricant


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Evening, can anyone suggest the best oil/lubricant for loco wheels and the like need to “lubricate” a few that have not ever been done
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Re: Wheel lubricant


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Re: Wheel lubricant


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That's the stuff. Remember the lubrication Golden Rule... If you can see it (the oil) its probably too much! So only ever apply a tiny spot of lubricant. Also never use spray types of lubricant such as WD40 or thicker lubricants like 3 in 1 as these are not suitable for model railway use. Use a tissue or kitchen paper towel to soak up any accidental over lubrication. :D

One area to be cautious of with the oil pen use, is on older Bachmann Split chassis locos, as they didn't tend to use wheel wiper contacts as pick ups, but instead used the U shaped bearings in each half of the chassis that the axle sits in as the pick up contact. So here I would use Peco PL-64 Powerlube https://peco-uk.com/products/power-lube
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