Turnout identification

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Turnout identification


Post by Will8003 »

Hi all , apologies if this is a rather daft question but wondered how members here recall the number they’ve assigned each turnout ? I have around 20 and struggle to remember what numbers I’ve assigned to each without looking down at my flat plan. I’ve thought about numbering each but my eyesight isnt quite what it was, so the numbers would be rather large to hide on the layout.
I used to have My points on a board but with the advent of dcc I’ve now done away with that and opted to use my handset.
Any help would be appreciated .
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Re: Turnout identification


Post by brian1951 »

Topic moved to more suitable location.
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Re: Turnout identification


Post by LC&DR »

Ideally you need to have allocated numbers to turnouts in some kind of logical sequence, so for example those to the left of the control position are lower in number to those to the right. Then perhaps those turning left in direction of normal travel are numbered with odd numbers and those turning right are even. This is purely a suggestion but would make a form of logical sequence, which you could then become familiar.

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Re: Turnout identification


Post by Brian »

This is the major problem using DCC point operation without a PC and mimic track plan i.e. By direct button pressing on the console or handset.
Simplest IMO would be to draw out the track plan and on it show the number of each point, then hang up or position the plan so as it can be instantly seen and read. :D
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Re: Turnout identification


Post by Forfarian »

I used anyrail to design my layout, I then printed it out on 4 A4 sheets photo paper with each point numbered and the coresponding number at the point switch. After a while if your have numbered them logically it becomes fairly easy to remember them.
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