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Transporting the layout

Posted: Wed Jan 01, 2020 2:44 pm
by Geon
This may not be the best sub topic to use...

I want to transport my layout in a trailer towed behind my car. Any advice or tips?

Re: Transporting the layout

Posted: Wed Jan 01, 2020 3:27 pm
by IanS
Firstly check you have a licence that allows you to tow. Since 1997 people passing their tests have had restrictions on the weight and type of trailer they can tow. There are also restrictions for those over 70, so before you start obtaining the trailer and plan further, check out the rules for you.

Cars have also restrictions on weight, braked and unbraked. Again, check that your car is capable of towing the trailer and weight you intend to pull, even if you have the required licence.

Re: Transporting the layout

Posted: Wed Jan 01, 2020 9:32 pm
by Chuffchuff
The weather proofing on a trailer is not good, if I were in your position I would think along the lines of a tall enclosed trailer with maybe some horizontal racking, or travel boxes purpose made to fit a tradition trailer.

For the cost of a decent trailer, Brenderup or similar, you can get a lot of van hire, and probably a kinder ride for the train set.


Re: Transporting the layout

Posted: Thu Jan 02, 2020 12:29 am
by Mountain Goat
I would say the only main downside to trailers are that things bounce around a lot in them. Towing is easy enough. The larger the trailer, the easier it will be to reverse. Caravans tend to be a whole lot easier to reverse then a little car trailer as you can see what they are doing, and as their axles are much further away from the car, they don't turn so quickly so you have more time to turn (If that makes sense).
Consider these options are more friendly for a layout. A van or a small van type car (Depends how large the layout is). Estate car. A roof rack (Beware of car park barriers).

A trailer is an option but the suspension needs to be of a type that dampens the bumps. Most trailers that I have towed with bounce a lot. If I had a scenic layout, I doubt it would still have it's scenery left if one tries one of those French trailers Halfords sell. Actually nice trailers, but not ideal for delicate tasks. (Not unless the delicate item(s) are heavy. When they are loaded up with heavy items they don't bounce around so much.

Though it is not an issue with our use as you need an enclosed trailer for a layout, those who use trailers... Always double up on the amount of straps needed. I am well known for overkill when it comes to straps, and to be honest, I have had a few fail on me so I am glad I overdid them.

But if you can and the layout fits, make a rack type of system and use a car or van. Prehaps a small teardrop type of caravan maybe an option? They are likely to have softer more dampened suspension and some are rear loading as well. Is just a thought.
While I mentioned roof racks and roof boxes, I am less keen as it is a lot of weight to cart in and out and if one does not have them on that often, it is too easy to forget and crunch them into the car park bars.