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O gauge models for display

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O gauge models for display


Post by stephenCC »

I am looking to obtain one or two top quality / professionally built and finished O gauge locomotives. I am specifically looking for class 55 and class 37 diesels in O gauge.

I am not new to railway modelling (run some N gauge), but building a bespoke kit model from scratch or finishing off a Heljan model, for example, are beyond my skill level. The models need to be of the highest quality build, detailing and finish - their sole function will be as display models in a cabinet (so no additional DCC, etc required).

I am in need of some advise / pointers as to what to consider, where to go, who to approach.

any advice most welcome....
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Re: O gauge models for display


Post by Walkingthedog »

If you want something with an extremely high finish I would suggest have them hand built.

May I suggest a visit to this forum ... sts/47043/

or the Gauge O Guild.
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Re: O gauge models for display


Post by brian1951 »

Give Ellis Clark a call. very helpful
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