US N gauge prices versus UK

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US N gauge prices versus UK


Post by darkscot »

My current layout has come to a halt due to pending building work in the cellar. So I have been pondering doing a small N gauge shelf layout to keep me interested. I have always wanted to try my hand at American image so over the weekend did a bit of research.

I was amazed at what you can get for your money in the US. I discovered a brand called Broadway Limited Imports (BLI) that seem to get good reviews. They are available in the UK from a couple of specialist dealers at what seem at first to be reasonable prices. For example an EMD NW2 switcher with full DCC sound for £240. However, I found that in the US the typical price is half that! This is also not for a basic unit either, this includes lighting, multiple DCC sound effects such as bell, various types of horn, brakes, engine noise, 2 way radio chatter etc. BLI even do freight cars with sound effects, such as bleating sheep or mooing cows!

BLI also have a systems dramatically called 'Rolling Thunder'. This involves fitting a sub-woofer under your baseboard that receives the sound info from the loco and thus has a much more realistic effect than the onboard speaker.
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Re: US N gauge prices versus UK


Post by yelrow »

I have been buying from USA, for 20 years. Run MTH, lionel, and Bachmann.. Problem, is cost of Postage, and Customs, has increased, dramatically. In addition, warrantys, do not extend outside US.. Secondhand locos, are very cheap, but you take a chance.
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