Problems with couplers (Rapido)

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Problems with couplers (Rapido)


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Problem #1 ... 29391-2219

In a trial run lasting only ten minutes I had multiple wagon derailments, a couple of random uncouples and on one occasion the locomotive was derailed. The couplers appear to be anchored into a U shaped groove under each bogey and when they are being pulled around a curve they appear to get stuck in this groove. This causes the above problems. I can't see any solution to this.

Problem #2 ... n-category

With these the couplers seem to just hang low. They don't stay together particularly well and at one point on my track I think they actually catch the frog of a turnout and decouple. It's possible that switching to the knuckle type couplings might address the problem but then again those are so thin that I question if they will work at all when both halves are hanging down rather than being horizontal.

My rolling stock currently consists of three different types of coach, some 21 ton hoppers and some silver bullet tankers. None of these exhibit any problems.

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