Bullfrog Snot

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Bullfrog Snot


Post by GeoffAlan2 »

So. I have an embarrassingly large loco fleet. I'd tell you how many, but someone would blab to my wife and she'd kill me.
One steam outline loco had a traction tyre snap. And in my large box of spare tyres I found one that should have gone on ok. But after removing the crank pin I found it simply wouldn't go on, mainly due to brakes and boiler fittings obstructing the usual method using two miniature tyre levers.
Rather than stripping the loco down*, it runs well apart from the tyre, I bought some Bullfrog Snot and thought, well it's expensive, but if it works it will save all that fiddling.

I followed the instructions I found on Utube. Cradle the loco upside down, power it to run slowly and let the rotation spread the snot over the wheel's tyre area. Leave running for 15 minutes, then leave static overnight.

It worked a treat the loco is back to its normal haulage power and is running smoothly.

*I am capable of doing this, but it's always a long, painstaking job.

My question is....... How long will it last in use and will it eventually spread crumbs of snot all over my track?

Any users out there?
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Re: Bullfrog Snot


Post by Chops »

I’ve tried it, requires a very fine hand to get it on. As far as durability, it did not leave Hansel and Gretel
crumbs, but neither did it last more than a few solid hours of use before coming off, usually as one piece.
It does not adhere to plastic rims, as on some of my older North American pieces. Very expensive. I typically
Use Goodie’s Hairbands, but have bolloxed couple of attempts with coupling rods and such.
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