Dapol working semaphore signals

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Dapol working semaphore signals


Post by airfix27ra »

Does anyone have any experience of these?
I am considering getting some.
The problem I see from pictures if them is that the bottom bit seems a bit big, how big is this in reality?
Where I will be using them is on a top section of my layout, resulting in a tunnel, hence I am worried that
the bottom bit would interfere with trains running underneath.
Any observations/comments welcome.
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Re: Dapol working semaphore signals


Post by Brian »

From the Dapol instructions..
Fitting to the baseboard: The signal is designed to be
fitted into a pre-drilled 14mm hole in the baseboard. (The signal
will accommodate a baseboard thickness of up to 45mm [1 &
11/16th inch]) A minimum clearance of 55mm (2 & 1/4”) is required
under the baseboard. Check for supports and wiring before drilling.
A ‘spade’ or flat bit type of drill bit is recommended. (of an
appropriate type for the baseboard material

http://www.dapol.co.uk/image/data/pdfs/ ... nsV2.0.pdf
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Re: Dapol working semaphore signals


Post by bulleidboy »

Thanks for the link with the instructions Brian - Dapol have obviously realised the earlier instructions were confusing? I have just opened a recently purchased Dapol Home Starter Signal - the instructions state, and I quote "you require a 16v AC power supply (not 12vDC under any circustances)". I recall when I fitted one previously, there was concerns about the power supply - in the end it worked well with 6v DC. I'll print the new instructions out. Barry

PS. One thing I have found, and we had this conversation sometime ago - the signal is wired for operation from a DCC Ip Digital point motor - the signal does not always work when the point is operated, by always will on the next point throw. Usually touching the yellow wires operates the signal, and the switch being used is "on-off-on" sprung to off. Can you remind me where I've gone wrong. Thank you
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