New to N gauge. Help!

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New to N gauge. Help!


Post by Hudson2010 »

Hi. I wonder if anyone can help? Newbie here… We bought an N gauge loco today & track. We were sold a Bachman controller to go with it so had to do some jiggery pokery with the electric to the track. It worked for a bit but now the motor in the loco runs but it doesn’t move!? Could it be not getting enough power from the track or has something happened to the loco. Track is Peco, Loco is Dapol. Help! 🤷‍♀️
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Re: New to N gauge. Help!


Post by brian1951 »

Diesel or Steam loco ? If its Steam check the driveshaft between cab and tender.
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Re: New to N gauge. Help!


Post by fourtytwo »

Hello, your 1st port of call should be whoever sold it to you, is it new or s/h ?
You don't say if it is DC or DCC, if you could identify the loco & controller (with model numbers) it might help.
You say "the motor in the loco runs" is that by some noise or by observation of the motor itself with the body removed ?
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