Classical Gas

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Classical Gas


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Or more appropriately, Tyco doodling #4. Came back from a lovely visit to eldest daughter in Albuquerque. AC in car was busted, so
long trip through what the Spanish Conquistadors aptly named, the "Journey of Death," through the New Mexican high desert. Lucky
for us, it only took 3 1/2 hours of roasting, the Spaniards it took the better part of a month, traveling only at night to avoid exertion
in the heat. So, to unwind, threw down a little video using cutting room scraps.
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Re: Classical Gas


Post by Puddles »

Enjoyed your video clip Chops good choice of music, glad you got through the desert safely it must have been quite a trip. You used the term cutting room floor, did you work in the film industry?
I worked for thirty years in a cutting room but sadly the art of film cutting was gradually eroded by digital film making and I was eventually made redundant. The last film I worked on was the UK version of Titanic for Twentieth Century Fox in 1998 so I slowly went down with the Titanic which seems like a lifetime ago. The theme song for the film still haunts me every time I hear it. Life must go on.
I do like watching your film clips.

It does not take me long to do five minutes work.
Nostalgia is not what it used to be.
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