Steam Loco Fallplates

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Steam Loco Fallplates


Post by WesternPathfinder »

I have a OO mainly southern electric layout with a smattering of WR diesel hydraulics.
I would like to get some Southern mainline steam but what puts me off is the huge gap between the engine and the tender on models. If a fireman had to get coal over that huge chasm in real life, he would be getting danger money. From what I can gather - engines in museums appear to have a hinged folding down fallplate (footplate) that lies on a ridge on the tender. Can this be recreated in model form? Has anyone done it? Are there any model manufacturers that sell them?

I know that this is a problem that is as old as railway modelling itsself and close coupling tenders go half way there.
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Re: Steam Loco Fallplates


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Dapol have used footplates on some of there models, i recall seeing them on A4s in OO and n gauges.
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Re: Steam Loco Fallplates


Post by Walkingthedog »

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Some models come with a fallplate, if not they are easy to make. The large gap is some times required on tight curves. Most locos come with as adjustable drawbar. It’s one of the compromises that have to be made with model railways.
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