Squeaky truck

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Squeaky truck


Post by Nokonium »

I have been assembling a new coal train, all brand new, and have had some problems. As a relative novice I expect things like trucks and carriages to work straight out of the box. Pristine ones do but weathered ones are somewhat different. I have some factory weathered Dapol and Bachmann in the new train, there was a very distinct difference, Dapol appear to weather the truck then fit the wheels and Bachmann weather with the wheels in place. After realising what was causing the squeaking, paint on the running surface and flanges, I had all the wheels to clean.

I assume that is nothing new to old hands but what are other peeps experience and what should we do before running new purchases?
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Re: Squeaky truck


Post by Walkingthedog »

Wagons often do sqeak or should I say squeal in real life. Just do what you did. :D
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