Computer PSU adapter

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Computer PSU adapter


Post by teedoubleudee »

I know some modellers like to use the power supply unit from an old desktop computer to provide power for lighting and other accessories. So I thought this was an interesting gizmo if you are such a person. It is simply an adapter that plugs directly into an ATX PSU and gives out fused connections via spade connectors for +3.3v, 5.0v, +12v and -12v DC. It's Cheap, Cheerful and Chinese :D ... rehouse=UK
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Re: Computer PSU adapter


Post by Stese »

nice find... might have to get one as i've got a psu waiting for this...
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Re: Computer PSU adapter


Post by Brian »

I personally never like the use of these ATX type ex PC power supplies, as their output current is way above anything ever needed for model railway use and frequently can be around 12 volts at up to 20 Amps. That's around 240watts and will easily burn out most model railway wiring in a short circuit condition! So user be extremely cautious and aware of the danger!
However, that said, the board shown does provide some initial fusing to protect each output. But a quick look doesn't reveal the fuses current rating? So IMO if such a power source is to be used, obtain some replacement fuses rated at not more that 2.0Amp and immediately replace those on the board with the lower rating ones. Your safety in case of fire can depend on this! :o
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Re: Computer PSU adapter


Post by IanS »

Amazon (and many others) are also selling the same product. The price varies enormously as does the delivery as some come from China direct. Amazon does provide the info that the fuses already on board are 5A so will need changing as commented above by Brian.
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