Side mounted point motors

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Side mounted point motors


Post by ajcooper4 »

I've made an alteration to my layout which includes adding another set of points - SL-E186. Due to access issues I cannot fit an under the board motor - even the long reach PL10E.

I have made the normal alterations to the electrofrog and have managed to run the wire from the frog under the board and this will be fixed to a Gaugemaster DCC80 - I find that these always wrok really well.

I've never used a surface mounted point motor before so apologies if this sounds like a daft question I ok to fit a Peco PL11 and control this, as I do with all my other points, with a Peco PL-26B passing contact lever?

I use an old laptop PSU fitted with a Gaugemaster CDU as power which always works well.

Any thoughts or advice would be much appreciated.

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Re: Side mounted point motors


Post by Steve M »

Simple answer....yes.
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Re: Side mounted point motors


Post by Brian »

The surface motor Peco PL11 etc will work exactly the same as any other solenoid motor. A couple of things to ensure are: Mount the motor on the straight side of the point and do not fix it down too tightly.
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