tts sound decoder

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tts sound decoder


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hi, don't know what i would do without your advice etc. i have a bachmann 2-6-0 crab class dcc fitted. can anybody give me good instructions on how to change decoder to a tts sound one. (i know tts?) hornby cheaper than others. any advice or direction gratefully received
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Re: tts sound decoder


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Initially I ask why? TTS is not a high quality decoder, in fact it suffers from all too frequent failures. Though Hornby will replace any that fail within 12 months of purchase, so if you do obtain one keep the purchase receipt safe.
Firstly, you will need to determine the locos decoder pin configuration. If its 21 pin then you will need a 21 to 8 pin convertor. If 8 pin that's the same as TTS use.
Next is physical TTS decoder size. The TTS decoder board is almost certainly to be larger than the existing one. Is there room to fit it? Check web site for measurements v actual space in the loco. Also where is the speaker to be fitted? Is there room for a speaker? Many discard the cheap Hornby speaker and fit either sugar cube or iPhone speakers both of which are far superior in their sound output.
Other than the above, then its a simple matter of unplugging the existing decoder and plugging in the new decoder. ;)
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