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Curly cable


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Hi guys
A while ago I had an accident with my NCE curly cable, while it was disconnected I put my size 13 on the plastic connector and broke off the small tab that holds it into the socket. I taped it into the socket and ordered a new one which arrived a few days later, so I put the old one in the drawer. Yesterday I was at my local computer repair shop collecting 6 reconditioned laptops which our Rotary club had collected and will be distributed to our local primary schools for underprivileged kids to use at home. We have distributed over 30 pcs so far.
While I was there I took my curly cable to see if the guy could put on a new plug, today I collected it and the cost was £1 , new cable £8-9 big saving so if you have damaged plug on your curly cable try your local PC repair man.
Forfarian aka Tim
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