Poster find!

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Poster find!


Post by IanS »

An ideal Christmas investment (this is not financial advice!) for the railway enthusiast.
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Re: Poster find!


Post by bulleidboy »

Lovely pictures (posters) Ian - they would be the finishing touch to anyone's railway room. BB
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Re: Poster find!


Post by Mountain Goat »

Well. That pays for the roof repair.

I have a few posters but most are not as old and are from B.R. days or very early days of privitization (E.G. a large Network South East poster type map). The problem is no one wants things like that in my area of the country, yet they are quite large things to try to keep in good condition. I do have some smaller posters in the form of GWR maps and an early 1850's railway map of England and Wales which is printed onto card sections stuck to a cloth sheet to allow the map to fold into its pocket like cover. The railways on it are finely hand drawn in ink.
I rarely look at the posters I have but when I do look it is nice to remember what they are. Red Star Parcels network poster is a nice one because it shows all their B.R. stations that one could pick ones parcel up from.
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Re: Poster find!


Post by Bandit Mick »

Very evocative images of days gone by.
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Re: Poster find!


Post by teedoubleudee »

I have a few "repos" of these type of posters in my railway room. They do add a bit of interest.
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