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Steve M
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Re: Statins


Post by Steve M »

This section sometimes becomes a bit of a self-help area - no harm in that.

I have to admit this subject got me thinking so I reminded myself of the possible side effects - I ticked off quite a few so my doctor and I will be having chat sometime soon. :shock:
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Re: Statins


Post by Chops »

Took 'em, stopped.

Woke up one morning and could not muster the strength to get out of bed. Weak as a damn kitten. Could not turn a
door knob. Then recalled a commercial for the one's I was on with a little foot note, "stop taking if you experience

Briefly, something kicked in causing a condition called "hypermyoglobenemia." Basically means acute muscle wasting.
Took a few days to get my strength back.

Doesn't happen to everyone, but happened to me. Doc moved me over to another non-statin anti-cholesterol med with
satisfactory results.
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Re: Statins


Post by brian1951 »

eagle125 wrote: Tue Oct 22, 2019 7:49 am Just thought i`d ask to get some feedback

i had a heart attack 8 yrs back ,had a stent fitted then had a PFO occluder fitted 11 months later,I have been on 80mg of Atorvastatin since ,the first year was horrid but i think my metabolism got used to them ..... But in the last 3-6 month i have not felt good..........I know everyones metabolism is different .
So ive been to the doctors and they agreed to do loads of blood tests so its wait and see
Best of luck with the tests Tony, i had a triple by-pass 2011 then 4 stents fitted in 2017, im now on Atorvastatin 80mg too, they seem to suit me, having said all that im starting to struggle again now, so im booked in with my heart specialist next month for him to take another look.
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Re: Statins


Post by teedoubleudee »

The reason I stopped taking them, apart from all the bad press around at the time, was because I was having upper body aches. These were described as a possible side effect in the medication leaflet. I've not had the problem since (about 4 years ago). I have regular blood tests as I have been diagnosed with asymptomatic myeloma. Getting fitted for a hearing aid next week - ain't it grand getting old El-Oh-El :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
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Re: Statins


Post by Maz066 »

teedoubleudee wrote: Sat Oct 26, 2019 12:21 pm . Getting fitted for a hearing aid next week - ain't it grand getting old El-Oh-El :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
Ah yes that is the final straw when you become a deaf old fart. I just had a Cochlea implant (12 months ago). Amazing how much they work, but great relief at night going to bed to pull off all the electronic gear and revel in the complete silence.
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