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by Mr Bones
Fri Mar 27, 2020 4:47 pm
Forum: Members layouts
Topic: Lostock Exchange Sidings
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Re: Lostock Exchange Sidings

Coming along nicely
by Mr Bones
Fri Mar 27, 2020 3:03 pm
Forum: Scenery
Topic: Attaching backscenes to hardboard
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Re: Attaching backscenes to hardboard

Very neat.
by Mr Bones
Thu Mar 26, 2020 7:41 pm
Forum: The Mess Room
Topic: Thinking of a career change
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Re: Thinking of a career change

I was just about to apply then saw that it says "Frequent travel will be required". Can't I work from home? :lol:
by Mr Bones
Wed Mar 18, 2020 9:09 pm
Forum: DCC (Digital)
Topic: Rail Magic
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Re: Rail Magic

Sounds intriguing (well apart from his voice!). Interesting to see if it really does do what he claims and how much it will be. Not cheap I bet.
by Mr Bones
Wed Mar 18, 2020 12:41 pm
Forum: OO 4mm/ft, EM & S4/P4
Topic: Train video
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Re: Train video

I've seen You Tube videos where people have used this (or at least very similar) cameras and they worked really well.
by Mr Bones
Mon Mar 02, 2020 8:16 pm
Forum: The Welcome Forum
Topic: Hello
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Re: Hello

Welcome to the forum. Friendly and helpful bunch here. Enjoy
by Mr Bones
Mon Mar 02, 2020 8:16 pm
Forum: Tools
Topic: Computer Vacuum
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Re: Computer Vacuum

I have something similar that I got from Aldi. Surprisingly good.
by Mr Bones
Fri Feb 28, 2020 12:25 pm
Forum: The Mess Room
Topic: Norton 360 VPN
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Re: Norton 360 VPN

If the laptop is Windows 10 don't panic. Windows Defender on Win10 is very very good and will keep you protected in the short term whilst you sort the problem provided the laptop is patched up to date. Kaspersky is a good AV although I know a lot of people slate it because it's a Russian product. Mo...
by Mr Bones
Wed Feb 26, 2020 7:00 am
Forum: The Welcome Forum
Topic: New Member: StobartRailFanNo.1
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Re: New Member: StobartRailFanNo.1

Welcome to the forum SRFNo.1 friendly bunch on here. Enjoy.
by Mr Bones
Mon Feb 24, 2020 8:56 pm
Forum: Product Review
Topic: Class 37/0 - 37043 "Loch Lomond"
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Class 37/0 - 37043 "Loch Lomond"

Having been well and truly spoilt for my birthday, I'm thinking of treating myself. I don't know much about Accurascale so wondered if anyone on here had any experience of them or their products. I wouldn't normally spend this much, but as I say it's a treat. I'm looking at the Class 37/0 - 37043 "L...