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Harte's Mill I, now II

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Harte's Mill I, now II


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Retrieved this from the museum today; occasionally I actually try to do something that resembles reality. I have a long way to go,
but that's another story. In trying to pursue the ideal micro layout, by my definition one that could slide easily under a single small
bed, or into the back of my compact car, it dawned on me that creating a track plan composed either entirely, or mostly, of curves
would incur a most sinuous and interesting track plan well suited for the more dramatic formations of the American West.

This video, below, will be repurposed into a micro layout under a snowscape and barren trees, upon which to operate the HO scale
John Bull. Camden and Amboy Railway, 1835, late of New Jersey. So, from El Paso to New Jersey with a slight of hand.

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