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Default which flying scotsman

being on limited funds or tight take your pick
which is the better buy
the new railroad version
or an older Hornby model
or someone else's
or just another model of the same class do they tend to go cheaper


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Mixed Signals

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I have a Flying Scotsman, tender drive (medium level detailing) and bought it used. It's not given me any problems although I'm more Diesel and Electric inclined.

If I was buying another steamer, I would go for one of the Mallard models.
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I've got the older hornby one, I think medium detail and tender driven, from the 90's.

If you can find a 2nd hand modern one I think it would be a better bet, Prefer bachmann now over hornby but thats all personal preference.
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Being a loco that has been in production for the last 50+ years in OO, there is indeed a lot of choice. Most of them for their period were/are good. Obviously with the passing of time, detail has got better and performance (mostly) too. So there's a lot of choice. A quick look on ebay revealed 300 or so listings, with prices ranging from a 99p starting bid (don't think it'll stop there) to one for 600 for a Hornby live steam model. Which one is best will always depend on your personal choices though (and your wallet).
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I have got the one with TTS sound which is a lot of fun.
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There are so many unanswered pieces to this question, which makes answering it that much more difficult.

If your funds are limited you haven't said what the budget is. You haven't mentioned your own preferences, whether it be detail or reliability. Are you prepared to do some work yourself, such as relabelling? You haven't said DC or DCC so, assuming you are considering older Hornby, I will assume DC. You haven't stated a period in time etc....

As has been said there are a huge number of variations of this loco and, as you rightly say, most A3 models are a Flying Scotsman model with a different name on it.

First of all set your budget. Whatever that is will dictate the range of options you can look at so that has to be the first move. Then decide whether you are happy to tinker inside or whether you want the peace of mind of knowing a new one comes with a warranty. If you want brand new a Railroad model would be your best option, which you could improve a bit with some detail and a weathering job. If you are happy to tinker yourself then a second hand newer one might be a better bet but that is a risk and might involve you taking it apart to clean it up, replace worn parts etc.

I think you have to set a few things down first to give yourself guidance and then I suspect the right choice for you will become more obvious. I would take every one on its own individual merits though if you consdier a second hand loco.

I have a Live Steam Scotsman with a second tender, which was a limited edition version and quite rare. However it is the wrong period for my layout so it will eventually get a weathering and relabelling job and the second tender will stay in the box. That will upset a lot of collectors! I also have a modern 'Book Law', which is an A3 with a different name, but when you have added a Zimo sound decoder and speaker and a professional weathering job it does get rather expensive.

If you need further assistance maybe you can give us some idea of the other answers that might help us guide you.
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