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Originally Posted by Walkingthedog View Post
I shall never be ashamed to be British.
Me neither.
If I agreed with you, we'd both be wrong
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Originally Posted by Footplate1947 View Post
Arrrrr Yes Brian. Sorry, I should have said.
This happened back in the 60s before they had to by law offer a fair price. Years ago before that law came into force they used to get away with paying very little.

Oki doki.
NURSE,the screens!
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Trouble is, they would be stupid enough to demolish the old station and blight the landscape with some “modern is always best” eyesore in its place.
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Also in the report is to transport the logs from Keilder Forest to take the log trucks off the road, how many owner drivers are going to loose their business because of this ? Most of the owner drivers live in Newcastleton, Longtown & Carlisle.
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Certainly I would be in favour of extending the Borders Railway to Hawick, but am sceptical about the benefit of going any further. The 'bus from Hawick to Edinburgh takes an eternity and it would overcome the need to change from bus to train in Gala.

There are quite a few other lines which I believe are more deserving and open up much needed travel opportunities. I would nominate the Leeds Northern (Harrogate to Northallerton via Ripon), York to Beverley, and Penrith to Keswick (and possibly to Workington too) as my choices in the north of England. In Wales I think a rail link from Bangor to Caernarfon is long overdue, whether the Welsh Highland be extended or the main line connection restored.

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Only thing I wonder about building a rail link is the argument that there are already two of them from Carlisle to Edinburgh.
If a line were built would people be prepared to pay the extra money for the train. I know there are always people who are happy or able to pay more. Some are able or happy for various reasons to pay for a first class ticket. That is why often the irst class coaches are empty or just one or two in them while all the other coaches are standing room only. Personally I would do away with first class all together. But that is another story.
I think what would happen if a line from Haywick to Carlisle was opened is bus companies step up their compartition. That is if there is enough public demand which I doubt. Most people have cars anyway. When the railways were built they did not have cars. If they did they were slow and broke down all the time.
I may be wrong as I very often am. John
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