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Default Freeport-McMoran Train Exhibit, El Paso, Texas

In comparison to some of the internationally traveling exhibits posted
on this Forum, we're a bit shabby, to be blunt. But- we had fun. And,
to be fair, many of the modules are in progress.

The fiddle yard is a fairly complex affair, and the wiring of it was a
nightmare that drove me to fits of despair. Worse, ask five different members and you get five very different answers. I even hired an electrician, out of my own pocket to evaluate the things. His solution, while actually simple, didn't please other members. The wiring was stripped and redone
three times before a member with some solid ideas about module
construction took over this onerous task and gave us a superbly
durable and functional wiring system.

One question I'd like to forward to the Members of this Forum, is
how do you fellows get your modules to lay so perfectly flat?? Leveling
screws help, but are not the answer. Some of the modules use a foam
board base, which warps, especially in our El Paso heat, and the plywood
bases seem to be quite subject to humidity and temperature fluctuations in
both the heat and the cold. How do you do what you do? I freely admit my own skill set is low average, on a good day.
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