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Default New/returning hobbyist

Hi guys, I know I've been on the forums for over a week now but I never did post a hi on here and do any explanations of my level of experience and interest in model railways.

Well I'm Alex 31 from north west England.

My experience with the hobby is just about beginner.
I had a hornby train set when I was 8-10 and 'played' with it until my teens when I discovered computers.
I never did anything beyond having the track layed, ran locos.

Flash forward 15-20 years to now and I have recently rediscovered my old love of the hobby.
In some part thanks to my 30th birthday gift from my mum, a trip on the flying Scotsman, also went inside the cab.
Then earlier this year I watched The biggest little railway on channel 4 with dixk strawbridge.
That was the final piece to re-ignight my old flame.

This time with my degree under my belt and life experience in general I decided I didn't want to just 'play' I wanted to go into it in full detail and go into scenery and get a permanent layout setup somewhere in the house.

Hit a few snags on the final part but I have decided a small end to end layout will be excellent.

The hobby is way more than I remember but I needed this in my life, something to throw myself into and lose myself.

That's about it really, I guess I can say I'm a steam fan over diesel and electric.
I'm 00 gauge as well. Currently with 4 locos in grave need of maintenance, bank holiday weekend turned up at the wrong moment so royal mail have still got my IPA for cleaning my stuff.
Track is all clean now though.

Ok that's all haha.
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Welcome Alex. I think the key to this exciting hobby is to keep things fun, and while doing so, explore the various aspects this hobby includes.
I've looked at many hobbies and I have not found a hobby that includes so many different aspects to it. Each aspect can be as easy or as difficult as one makes it.
After being involved in this hobby almost as long as I can remember, in recent years I'm enjoying having a go at things that I'd never tried before, and it has been fun!
These days I take a more light hearted approach and it keeps things fun.
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Welcome to the forum Alex.
Looking out of my window it looks as if you have arrived.
I may be wrong as I very often am. John
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Mr Bones
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Welcome Alex. Enjoy.
A common mistake people make when designing something completely foolproof is to underestimate the ingenuity of complete fools.
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Hi Alex and welcome to our forum.
If I agreed with you, we'd both be wrong
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Hi Alex welcome to the forum. Lots of help to be had here has you already know
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Default Great beginnings

Hi Alex, I rejoined the hobby at age 30, as well. We had lived in Shiplake
from '66 to '67 where I received my first train set, a Wrenn. Over the
decades, I managed to hang on to one Wrenn goods van, and when I
unpacked it I was overwhelmed with nostalgia for those most interesting
and happy British days, and set about making a British layout in pre
computer times when it was exceedingly hard to find British equipment,
particularly in far west Texas.

I've done many layouts, some big, some small, and it is a frequent source
of inspiration as to how my British friends ingeniously and economically
use space, which is more at a premium where you are at, than here.

Having said that, it has taken me an overly long time, better late than never, to realize that keeping it simple, unless you are a civil engineer and this stuff comes easy to you, has been more productive and enjoyable. Were I to do it over again, I would unashamedly use a Hornby Track Mat, which would have save a lot of money and trial and error over the ensuing decades. No matter, I had fun learning.

Here is a video of my latest attempt in progress, I developed the track
plan based on what I've seen here in the Forum. Please excuse the
mess, it is in progress:

I do hope you will find the time to post photos and video of your
progress; it is a pleasure to share in other's creativity.
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Hello Alex and welcome to the forum. I have taken my time (slow learner?) and have learned a lot - mainly on the wood building side . The humour here is good and a hearty chuckle helps us all to keep things in perspective .
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Hi Alex - Welcome to the forum - a great place with lots of help, information and fun. BB
Diplomacy is the art of telling people to go to hell in such a way that they ask for directions.
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